Free outdoor shows

La Région Centre and stages are open to the general public from Wednesday thru Sunday. Registration for music groups is free of charge and will take place at the Public Welcome Desk (Pavillon d'Auron) during the festival.

Région CentreFracama


La Région Centre programs 9 other groups that are sponsored by Propul'son and sponsors 3 other groups
from Thursday thru Saturday (from 7pm-midnight).

Thursday April 15th

© A. Mandon / L. Sallé

LX - alternative Hip hop

LX deploys in speech in order to bring us an alternative hip-hop "Off the beaten path". Accompanied by their musicians, they take us through musical excursions that vary from song to song. Lyrics without borders to be consumed without moderation.

© DR

Med Killah - Hip hop

Originally from the Republic of Guinea, Med Killah is an involved rapper who has a taste for the mixing of musical genres. Med Killah has participated in a number of concerts and festivals throughout France, and is accompanied by a live group called the Hip Hop Band.

© Christophe Martin

La Ruda (sponsored) - Rock / Swing-ska

Since 1993 La Ruda represents: 900 concerts, 8 albums, 2 of which were live... after having revisited their repertoire in acoustic form ("Bonnes manières", 2007), La Ruda is at it again with “Grand soir", still unplugged but with new songs.

© DR

U.Stone - Electro dub

A saxophone, a keyboard and two atypical voices bring together U.STONE (Dj/producer of multiple projects) for an electronic journey that links dub, jazz and drum'n'bass. A heavy sound brought straight from the underground... 

Friday April 16th

© DR

RytMétiX - Groove afrobeat hip hop

The 9 members of RytMétiX incite you to listen with pleasure, feel and dance to their grooves and brass rhythms, punctuated by solos sung over melodies, choirs & hip-hop toast.

© DR

Odran Trümmel - Rock

With a third album released in the wild, this trio crosses fertile lands with a rock that is liberated from all constraints, and affirm their refusal to choose between rhythm and melody.

© DR

Divine Paiste - Rock indie

They have a sharp gaze similar to there guitar riffs, and play a free and passionate pop music that has allowed them to participate in concerts with Naive New Beaters, BB Brunes, Les Shades, Brooklyn...

© DR

EZ3kiel vs. Hint (Sponsored) - Indie rock

The project EZ3kiel vs. Hint sets off a heavy atmosphere, with touches of melancholy. A massive sound that is un-classable, at the limits of electro and industrial noise, nourished by powerful imagery and melodies.

Saturday April 17th

© DR

Les Soeurs Moustache - Chanson

Les Soeurs Moustache is a family affair: 3 sisters, 3 little ladies with heavy speech, decided one day, to tickle the strings of a guitar, and to sing of their woes.

© Dimitri Coste

Bazbaz (Sponsored) - Chanson

Bazbaz is one of the rare artists that asserts his cultural heritage. He borrows from the soul of the Stax years; he has worked with Sly and Robbie on his previous album and started experimenting with alternative rock on Le Cri de la Mouche. For his 5th album, « La Chose » BAZ-BAZ attacks the stage yet again with his rock'n'soul gang.

© Vanessa Filho

Sheeduz - Rock

The rock trio Sheeduz was born from the meeting of three Audrey's. Occasionally saturated melodic songs, with incisive guitars, mysterious keyboards, raw drums, touching somewhere between rage, spontaneity and softness.

© Monsieur J

The Psychologist & His Medicine Band - Folk-rock-bluesy-psyché-pop

The Psychologist & His Medicine Band draw from rock, folk, blues and psychedelics from the 60's to mold their own universe, an amazing one at that. Their concerts are an invigorating voyage that shouldn't be missed.


LEBERRY.FR STAGE - Place Séraucourt

This stage presents, among others, groups that are supported by CCAS (Saturday afternoon) as well as a selection of "favorites"
from Le Printemps in the city.


This stage has programming from Wednesday thru Saturday (starting at 7pm) as well as an Air-Guitar competition Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday April 14th

© DR

Naosol & the waxx blend

They create a folk universe that stands alone. On stage is an invitation to travel! A trip among periods and genres, from the rock of the 70's to the country of Johnny Cash, passing through the hip-hop of the Gorillaz. A road trip through time awaits.

© DR

Mary's dream - Rock / Folk Rock / Independent
(8:30pm – 9:30pm)

September days are rainy in Mary's dreams. Ten years of development were necessary in order to create a poetic and melodic universe pushed by the velvet voice of Sandro. Mary's Dream comes out of her slumber to liberate their emotions and throw them in the face of the world. -

© DR

Das Pop - Pop (10pm - 11pm)

A group all the way up to their necks in vintage, these Belgians know how to make themselves desirable. Anxious for their delayed 3rd album, their fans understand and appreciate this group's Electric Pop-rock vibe. Their fingertips firmly gripped on their guitar strings, the members of Das Pop perform with instinct and energy. -


Thursday April 15th

© DR


Influences in blues, rock, pop & electro, CRaWLeR is undeniably hybrid. Perfect for a teleportation towards infinite universes where a big band ghost can cross paths with a tortured and clandestine robot. Are you prepared for an inter-galactic blast off?

© Simon Vanrie

Lucy Lucy ! - Folk-Rock / Rock / Pop (8:30pm – 9:30pm)

Five young men cry out Lucy Lucy in the wind, hoping to conquer the world. These Vagabonds have come from the countryside to bless a new world of rock. The reputation they earned in Brussels has spread, and now they can't find a minute to themselves!

© Eglantine Aubry

Sourya - Pop (10pm– 11pm)

They are a breath of fresh air. We could imagine Sourya boarding their musical spaceship with Thom Yorke, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd, for an intergalactic trip towards the setting sun. It would be a spectacle full of electrified hovering effects.


Friday April 16th

© DR

Royal Spleen

An incredible energy that feeds on a musical universe that pulsates. It's rock, it's pop, it's punk! And, something not so common, great "spleenesques" stories are told, with raw energy that is direct and efficient. It's gonna be groovin' tonight!

© DR

She's a boy (8:30pm – 9:30pm)

The range of the musical of She's a boy extends from one continent to another. Drenched in the essence of rock in order to better ignite their pop, it feels like youth punk nourished by the blues. They have as many sounds as they do influences.

© DR

Curry & Coco - Dance-floor Pop (10pm - 11pm)

In the depths of the garage of Curry and Coco, in the shadows, the ground starts to tremble. The first notes of their demented synthesizer belt out Sex is fashion. Luminous explosions force Curry's drops of sweat to shower Coco (or vice versa). The feverish drums hypnotize, and in the first row, the girls are screaming at the top of their lungs, we love you guys!


Saturday April 17th

© DR


Get out your vinyl records, slim jeans, badges and your leather jacket because it is straight out of the 70's that Transgunner surges onto the Rock'n'rollesque scene. Melodies that would make the old-timers pale faced, hardheaded guitars and the bass and drums dripping with sweat. These baby rockers mix and serve up a vicious and impulsive cocktail!

© Darkbu

I am un chien - Electric / Rock / Breakbeat
(8:30pm – 9:30pm)

This Parisian duo saturates the sound waves with electro beats nourished by Heavy metal. A true electro-shock impact on stage, with some trip-hop nuances that soften the blow for sensitive souls, everyone finds there pleasure with I am un chien.

© DR

Minitel Rose - Pop / New Wave / Rock (10pm – 11pm)

Sporting a mullet, and fan of the 80's, Minitel Rose goes back in time. The three boys from Nantes, France didn't dust off their synthesizers for nothing. There music pulses, and it pops in a Daft punkian universe.


Sunday April 18th

2010 French Air Guitar championships: The Printemps de Bourges stage
Sunday from 2pm to 5pm on the Pression Live stage

Every up and coming rocker has performed wicked concerts in front of the mirror with an imaginary guitar as their instrument.
Embrace your passion and become like world champion Gunther love.
Register, a 60 second set is all it takes.

Registrations at