Le Printemps in the City

Live concerts in bars

As night falls in Bourges, music invades the city's center, provoking an explosive party like atmosphere, with hundreds of groups performing in 20 of the city's hottest bars. In just a few years these concerts have drawn thousands of young festival goers throughout the city streets and have become what is known as Printemps in the City, more than just a concept it's an event in its own right!

The entire schedule for the bars will be available starting March 27, 2010 in restaurants, public places, and in the bars themselves.


Printemps in the city partners with SFR Jeunes Talents to propose over a hundred groups that will perform in bars during the whole week of Printemps de Bourges.
To participate in the SFR Jeunes Talents competition, groups can register at www.sfrjeunestalents.fr until March 1st.

Restaurants « a la mode »

More than 20 restaurants have associated themselves with Printemps de Bourges, this association has been labeled Printemps in the City. To experience these restaurants is to guarantee a warm welcome, whether you are a festivalgoer or music professional, a journalist, one of the festival's sponsors, or an artist... You will appreciate the quality of the food and music, and can even leave with a collector Printemps de Bourges 2010 placemat!

Le Printemps in the city is yet another plus of the festival... but don't forget to take precautions when driving: « don't drink and drive, and choose a designated driver! » »
For more information please call +33 (0) 2 48 27 28 29 (ask for the public relations department).

Groups, Singers, and musicians, if you would like to perform in a bar, send your demo tape, before mid February, to the addresses of Printemps in the city, which you can find on the listed links below.

Le Printemps in the city restaurants

Le Printemps in the city bars

Le Printemps in the city schedule