Live from le Printemps

France 4

Louise contre attaque... Le Printemps de Bourges - Saturday April 17th starting at 7pm on the parvis of the Cathedral.

Ever faithful to the Festival, France 4 is back in Bourges with Louise contre attaque...Le Printemps de Bourges, a musical show presented by Louise Ekland.
With live artists on stage, interviews, special reports, France 4 highlights all of the musical news of the moment.

Entry is free of charge, within the limit of available seating.

France Inter

LE FOU DU ROI by Stéphane Bern - Tuesday April 13th at 11am at the Auditorium

Stéphane Bern invites his guests and listeners to 90 minutes of laughs and fun. Culture, audacity, debates, curiosity, live music, a big dose of humor, and big-mouthed commentators...mix them all up... and serve!
Over the last ten years, this show has gained more and more fanfare.

This show is live at the auditorium. Entry is free of charge, within the limit of available seating.

Le Mouv'

The Mouv' will produce special Printemps de Bourges shows live from the festival grounds, with artists from the official program, invited for interviews and exclusive music sessions.

La Grande Scène du Mouv' - Friday April 16th from 5pm to 8pm

With hosts Jean Zeid and Emilie Mazoyer

La Grande Scène is a show where everything and everyone gets into the mix, covering everything from culture, news and the latest in the music world.
Emilie and Jean will help their listeners discover the best of Le Printemps de Bourges 2010, with most notably, the exceptional live music sessions!

Crénel United - Saturday April 17th from 4pm to 8pm

Hosted by Christophe Crénel

Christophe Crénel, the free spirit of the weekend. He has a treacherous mission in front of him: a mind-blowing exploration of the most exciting pop, rock and electronic music of today.