Yes, once again, Le Printemps de Bourges and la FNAC revelations opens the season of festivals, the season of music in large proportions, the sharing of music – the stars, the newcomers, the seasoned veterans, genuine craftsmen, the bizarre, and overwhelming emotions... Once again Le Printemps de Bourges is an antidote for winter, for gravity, for the cold, and pessimism. The financial crisis? For six days, it will be in retreat.

And yet, in the music industry, financial instability and insecurity are becoming an ever-increasing reality, even as attendance at concert venues is higher than ever. The economic disaster concerning record sales has forced the entire music industry to reinvent themselves. Happily, here at Printemps, this type of movement is a tradition, reinventing ourselves is the norm.

Otherwise, how could one explain that Olivia Ruiz, Camille, Emily Loizeau, Jean Cherhal and La Grande Sophie all accepted to do a concert together at Printemps? Each Artist has their own routine, their own career and their own fans, and they needed audacity in order to share the stage with one another. Nonetheless they all responded with an eager and enthusiastic yes.

Where else would they have been able to set up shop? Here at Printemps, we have always practiced new forms, new tastes, and new ways for music to be heard. Thus, for the last 25 years, le Printemps de Bourges has continually revealed the great stars of tomorrow using the Reseau Printemps, a one of a kind network in France. Incidentally, the festival is presenting six former revelations in this year's official program: Jeanne Cherhal, Féloche, Hocus Pocus, Nathalie Natiembé, Chapelier Fou et Mustang...

Printemps continually searches for new concert forms that best correspond to the evolutions of the preferences and forms of consumption of the younger generation. Last year, the first Rock'n'Beat party associated electro with rock for an entire night. Under the same principals, Rock'n'Beat II will once again take place from 9pm to 5am.

There are many aspects of Le Printemps that qualify it an event full of research and audacity. After last year's invitation of numerous Japanese groups, it is South Africa's turn to contribute to the diversity of the 2010 program. This year, the festival will have a new venue in the church of Saint-Pierre, which will host a cross genres program with everything from classical to new forms of traditional music. All week long, the 22 will once again be the center of attraction for curious minds: 2 concert halls side by side, with a program that is radical, innovative, and surprising. Of course, as always, Printemps 2010 stays grounded in its roots, keeping close to the history of popular music, notably through the invitation of the legendary Daniel Johnston as well as the return of Iggy and his Stooges. In every venue you will find strong personalities, with the must see bands of today, as they start to stand out from the rest of the crowd and commence their journey into the stratosphere, into history books. That is what springtime is all about. That is what le Printemps is all about.