Spécial Pros

Entertainment Industry professionals

In order to allow access to the entire program as well as other areas reserved for professionals:
obtain a Pro Pass starting now!

There are many advantages that come with the Pro pass:

Priority access

To all concert venues, to debates, to all professional areas (the Pro Welcome Center, multimedia area, Pro restaurant and bar, and the Magic Club...)

Access to the Pro-Corner

An Information, meeting, and work space in the heart of the Pro welcome center with DVD players / viewing screens, press reviews, as well as sitting areas and regional shops at your disposal...

An acces to the newsletter and webmail once your request of pass validated Pro

In order to stay in contact with the festival and all accredited pros. Webmail Access.

Special pricing

And an additional reduction if you buy you your pass before April 2, 2010.

Special Prices * Until the April 1st From April 2nd
5 day pass 272€ 302€
4 day pass 223€ 248€
3 day pass 171€ 190€
2 day pass 117€ 130€
1 day pass 61€ 68€

* Tax included


Being that the number of Pro Passes that will be issued is limited, we strongly recommend that you reserve your pass as soon as possible.
The last couple of years, because of a high demand, we have been forced to stop issuing Pro Passes well before the start of the festival.

The registration form for a Pro Pass is now available for download and buying.

For all additional information: specialpros@printemps-bourges.com