Anna Aaron(Suisse)


Chanson Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Saturday, April 17th - 12pm > 3:30pm

Le 22 Ouest stage - Pass E: 14€ for shows #39 and #40



Anna Aaron // © DR

© DR

© DR


Nothing Left

Anna Aaron

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Her Enchanted singing evokes the glory days of Fiona Apple or PJ Harvey. Behind her piano, this young native of Basel, with her biblical name and quadruple A's, prefers invoking the name of shamanic healer David E. Edwards, as her only declared inspiration. It is true that she possesses a healing quality lurking in the depths of canyons, in the somber slopes of valleys.


Formation: Singing, piano, guitar, bass, drums

Contacts: Laurent Klunge: +41 21 566 14 24