Cats On Trees(Midi-Pyrénées)


Rock Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Thursday, April 15th - 12:30pm > 3:30pm

Le 22 Est stage - Pass C: 14€ for shows #35 and #36



Cats On Trees // © Pierre "Red" Ollier

© Pierre "Red" Ollier

© Pierre "Red" Ollier


Hallo Mrs Jones

N.Goern, Y.Hennequin

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These two cats are perched on the summit of trees, in the canopy. Up there, way up there they've hoisted a piano, as well as a heap of percussions. In their kingdom, they sing down on us with amazing voices. The drums accentuate and respond to their ringing impacts. In their sparkling sound kaleidoscope, we can here echoes of Arvo Pärt, Coco Rosie, and Dresden Doll.


Formation: Lyrics, piano, drums

Contacts: Jerkov Musiques – Matthieu Miegeville: +33 6 82 84 90 37


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