Dao(Basse – Normandie)


Hip Hop Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Wednesday, April 14th - 12:30pm > 3pm

Le 22 Est stage - Pass A: 14€ for shows #33 and #34

Hip Hop


Dao // © Jonathan Duvivier

© Jonathan Duvivier

© Jonathan Duvivier


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The Burkinabè, Sermé Daouda, immersed himself in the New York culture of hip-hop and avant-garde theatre during a six year period, and after going back to his roots in Ouagadougou, he eventually settled on the coast of Normandy and started his first « colors mixtape » under the name of Young Das. Today, he simply goes by Dao, as he lays down his sharp touch on a minimal rhythmic structure. Beautiful as it is pure.


Formation: Lyrics

Contacts: Sermé Daouda: +33 6 66 91 41 53


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