Do Pagaal(Ile de la Réunion)


Hip Hop Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Wednesday, April 14th - 12:30pm > 3pm

Le 22 Ouest stage - Pass A: 14€ for shows #33 and #34

Hip Hop


Do Pagaal // © Pascal Quiquempoix

© Pascal Quiquempoix

© Pascal Quiquempoix


Maux Croisés

N.Raghoonauth, R. Vendramini

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In the Hindi language « do pagaal » means « two madmen ». Or a mad poet and performer, Raghoonauth, straight from the Mauritian underground, declaiming, singing « the palaces, the queen cows, the golden boys, the savage globalization »; and another mad man, Automat, who is mad on machines, a famous director who settled down in the reunion, where the collision of the two “pagaal” has given birth to the « spokelectro ».


Formation: Singing, machines, keyboard

Contacts: RunMuzic – Nadège Nagès: +262 (0) 262 90 94 60


All artists of this show: