Le Jakez Orkeztra(Corse)


Chanson Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Saturday, April 17th - 12pm > 3:30pm

Le 22 Ouest stage - Pass E: 14€ for shows #39 and #40



Le Jakez Orkeztra // © Jacques Maton

© Jacques Maton

© Jacques Maton


Marchand de tant pis

J.Le Menn

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On the Isle of Beauty, songs are not always sung in the Corsican language under a chestnut tree. They can also tell the story of legends, legends like that of Léon, accompanied by the guitar, clarinet, violin, and accordion, enabling them to rediscover the Têtes Raides or the Négresses Vertes in a nomads land, somewhere between Brittany and the Balkans.


Formation: Lyrics, guitars, squeeze box, violin, clarinet, bass, drums, chorus

Contacts: Jacky Le Menn: +33 6 09 22 61 11