Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac Revelations

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Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac Revelations

Twenty-five years of Réseau Printemps! Twenty-five years of pinpointing and presenting 30 some groups to music professionals, media, program planners, artistic directors, as well as the most captivated of audiences. Twenty-five years ago, groups sent cassette tapes and photocopied entry forms. Today, they have Myspace Pages and Youtube, but the goal of our work remains the same, to discover new talent.

It is now ten years that Réseau Printemps has been associated with la FNAC for its Revelations selections. Ten years of shared passion for the meticulous exploration of all musical trends perfect for Printemps. As well as ten years of support for the revelations in 80 FNAC stores after each festival.

This year's trends? Hip hop and « chanson » are becoming more and more rare, while rock dominates, and the English language keeps gaining ground on the French language. But the challenge remains as it was twenty-five years ago: to discover the artists of today that will become the driving forces of tomorrow, discoveries such as Les Têtes Raides, Zebda, Paris Combo, Jeanne Cherhal, Cocoon, Nosfell, Amélie les Crayons, Hocus Pocus, Anaïs, Gojira or Chapelier Fou...

The selection process, that links the Réseau Printemps and la FNAC, is unique in France. Thirty regional subsidiaries run by passionate collaborators work hard on choosing among 3900 candidates. There is no bigger an operation for finding new talent in France. This is one of the main reasons that Le Printemps de Bourges and Reseau Printemps benefit from the support of so many motivated and faithful sponsors: The ministry of Culture, the Bourges Mayor's office, the Adami, the Sacem, the CNV, the FCM and the SPPF. They all understand that the revelations are not just a snapshot of young musical creation in France, but that they should also be considered as the promise of many festivals to come – in Bourges and beyond!


Hip Hop, Reggae, Ragga


Rock, Pop, Fusion

Chanson, World