Les Françoises(France)


Friday, April 16th - 8pm > 10:45pm

Le Palais d'Auron stage - 28€


Les Françoises // © Yeaaah Studio

© Yeaaah Studio

© Yeaaah Studio

Les Françoises

Les Francoises? A group of five girls named Françoise Ruiz, Françoise Cherhal, Françoise Loizeau, Françoise C, and la Grande Françoise, alone on stage. Alone? Well, not quite… they exclusively play songs from Olivia Ruiz, Jeanne Cheral, Emily Loizeau, Camille, and la Grande Sophie. Shared songs that are rearranged and reinvented by one another. Another Francoise, a.k.a. Iko, a.k.a. Françoise I, will compose classic notes that complement the five voices – the most audacious female voices in the entire young French scene. Backstage, will be Édith Fambuena, the music director. Look out, it will a night like no other, a night to remember.

A long running sponsor of le Printemps de Bourges, the SACEM has sponsored the creation of « Les Francoises »

All artists of this show: