Mekanik Kantatik(PACA)


Electro Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Wednesday, April 14th - 10pm > 2:30am

Le 22 Ouest stage - Pass B: 14€ for shows #12 and #13



Mekanik Kantatik // © Laurent Bronx

© Laurent Bronx

© Laurent Bronx


My Piano and I

N.Cante - (P) & © 2008 DFragment Music

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On a highly original piano dressed with symbols and armor, Nicolas Cante added John Cage arrangements, and then attached an instrument able to capture and sample any of his impromptu sounds and movements. Once all is in place, he appears in the middle of the dance floor, ready for battle with his monstrous instrument. Man or machine, which one will bring home the title?


Formation: Piano, laptop, singing

Contacts: Julien Berlioz: +33 6 88 38 38 18


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