Hip Hop Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Wednesday, April 14th - 12:30pm > 3pm

Le 22 Ouest stage - Pass A: 14€ for shows #33 and #34

Hip Hop


Micronologie // © Gildas Raffenel

© Gildas Raffenel

© Gildas Raffenel


Ceci s'adresse...

Micronologie: N.Perrault, O.Baudouin, C. M.Castanoul, S. Fretel, L. Andrianiazy

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Under the conspiring glances of the Jungle Brothers(hailing from Rennes), Sages Po and Khrónos, have reunited for this special occasion, the MCs K.Oni, Safirius and Casta, uplifted by Dj Sambal on the turntables and beatmaker Permone revisit old school hip hop while sampling soul, funk, Jazz, and R&B Mowtown. The Micronologues are as methodical on the mic as time itself.


Formation: Singing, deck records

Contacts: Naufalle Al Wahab: +33 6 62 48 13 67


All artists of this show: