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Les Françoises - Une création Printemps de Bourges

Les Françoises - A Printemps de Bourges creation

Les Françoises? A group of five girls named Françoise Ruiz, Françoise Cherhal, Françoise Loizeau, Françoise C, and la Grande Françoise, alone on stage. Alone? Well, not quite... they exclusively play songs from Olivia Ruiz, Jeanne Cheral, Emily Loizeau, Camille, and la Grande Sophie, shared songs that are rearranged and reinvented by one another. Another Francoise, Iko, a.k.a. Françoise I, will compose classic notes that complement the five voices – the most audacious female voices in the entire young French scene. Backstage, will be Édith Fambuena, the music director. Look out, it will a night like no other, a night to remember.


A perennial partner of Printemps de Bourges, The Sacem helped create « Les Françoises »


Friday, April 16th - 8pm > 10:45pm

Le Palais d'Auron stage - 28€

The Fitzcarraldo Sessions, Les Françoises

Rock'n'Beat Party II

Rock'n'Beat Party II

A Long time ago we listened to rock OR electro and the spectators from the Phénix didn't look at all like those from Palais D'auron. Today rockers love the turntables and Djs are no longer afraid of electric guitars. Thus after, last years huge success the Rock'n'Beat Party II is back, allowing access to the Phénix and the Palais d'Auron with one ticket with an action packed night of concerts and DJs set celebrating the coming together of these two genres.



Saturday, April 17th - 8pm > 5am

Le Phénix stage / Le Palais d'Auron stage - 28€

Staff Benda Bilili, We Have Band, Pony Pony Run Run, Two Door Cinema Club, Vitalic V-Mirror live, Mr Oizo, Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, Crookers, The Very Best, Foals, Brodinski, Sexy Sushi

Eglise Saint Pierre stage

The église Saint Pierre le Guillard and Le Printemps de Bourges propose April 15th and 16th, A program of music enlivened by spirituality – a new way of reaching out to the sublime under blessed vaults.


Thursday, April 15th - 4pm > 5:45pm

Eglise St Pierre stage - 25€

Trio Tzane, Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal


Friday, April 16th - 4pm > 5:45pm

Eglise St Pierre stage - 25€

Alina Orlova, Sonia Wieder-Atherton & Bruno Fontaine  (Télécharger le détail des chants interprétés)