The Fitzcarraldo Sessions(France)


Friday, April 16th - 8pm > 10:45pm

Le Palais d'Auron stage - 28€

Pop Folk


The Fitzcarraldo Sessions // © Scan Art / Aymeric Rouillard

© Scan Art / Aymeric Rouillard

© Scan Art / Aymeric Rouillard


Alice and Lewis feat.Moriarty


Alice and Lewis feat. Moriarty

Recorded at Studios Malambo TAC - Lyrics by Rosemary, Arthur & Zim Moriarty - Moriarty appears with courtesy of Naïve and Deschamps &...

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When the musicians from the group Jack the ripper were left without a singer, they decided to exclusively hire temporary front men. Thus began the Fitzcarraldo Sessions, inviting Dominique A, Phoebe Kildeer from Nouvelle Vague, Stuart Staples from the Tinder sticks, Moriarty, and several more of today's top rockers behind the mic. It makes for a magnificent album, as well as enthralling concerts…


All artists of this show: