Trio Tzane(France)


Thursday, April 15th - 4pm > 5:45pm

Eglise St Pierre stage - 25€

World A Capella


Trio Tzane // © Franck Juery

© Franck Juery

© Franck Juery


Snoshti Sedenki Kladohme

A traditionnal bulgarian song.
Arrange by Clovis Labarrière
(P) & © Naïve

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Greece, Turkey, Bulgary… How many wars, animosities, and turmoil have been experienced between these three countries? Singers Gül Hacer Toruk, Sandrine Monlezun et Xanthoula Dakovanou met in Paris, where they found that their similarities were much stronger than their differences, and how natural it was to combine their voices, so much so that their music, language an repertoires mirror each other. As for the French audience, it is easy for us to forget their differences, as they cast a magical Eastern European spell, full of splendors from another time, full of emotional fervor.


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