Your Happy End(Haute-Normandie)


Rock Revelations of Le Printemps de Bourges and la Fnac

Friday, April 16th - 12:30pm > 3:30pm

Le 22 Est stage - Pass D: 14€ for shows #37 and #38



Your Happy End // © Nolwen Ansquer

© Nolwen Ansquer

© Nolwen Ansquer


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Zolnierowski, Bortoluzzi

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The power of songwriting accompanied by acoustic guitars, their moving folk ballads would have done the trick. But Your Happy End decided to take the road less traveled, a heavenly music trip. Full of interstellar harmonies, celestial murmurs, breakbeat ruptures, and sudden outbursts, the duo from the Havre allows dreamers to look out the window towards the Milky Way.


Formation: Lyrics, guitars, keyboards, bass, machines, chorus

Contacts: Guillaume Zolnierowski: +33 6 60 78 16 91


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